ABI DNA Sequencing Service

ABI3130xL Genetic Analyzer

The ABI3130xL Genetic Analyzer is an automated fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis system that analyzes 16 samples simultaneously.  We perform sequencing reactions using theApplied Biosystems BigDye terminator chemistryWith dye terminator labeling, each of the four dideoxy terminators (ddNTPs) is tagged with a different fluorescent dye.  The growing chain is simultaneously terminated and labeled with the dye that corresponds to that base.

The ABI 3130xL Genetic Analyzer can sequence a wide range of templates including plasmid DNA, M13, PCR fragments, cosmid DNA, fosmid DNA, bacterial genomic DNA, BAC and Phage DNA.  Using POP-7 polymer as the separation medium with the 50-cm capillary array, we can automatically sequence 16 samples in a total run time of 2 hours.  These runs will provide sequence data from 1000 to 1200 bp depending upon the quality of the template.  The sequencing data are returned as a sequence text file (.seq) and a color electropherogram file (.ab1) for each template/primer combination.  These sequence data files can be transferred via FTP to any networked computer.

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