ABI Fragment Analysis Service

ABI Fragment Analysis

The  ABI 3130xL/16-Capillary Genetic Analyzer is used for the analysis process.

 ABI 3130xL/16-Capillary Genetic Analyzer Specifications :

  • ABI 3130xL/16-Capillary Genetic Analyzer can run Fragment Analysis of AFLP’s and Microsatellites using Genemapper software.
  • ABI Analyzer can run fragments up to 500bp.

Supported dye sets:

  •  DS-33 (4 dyes) — VIC, NED, 6-FAM, PET, w/ LIZ size standard
  •  DS-32(3 dyes) — JOE, NED, 5-FAM, w/ROX size standard
  •  DS-30(3 dyes) — HEX, NED, 6-FAM, w/ROX size standard

Sample Drop Off

Run-ready plate for Sequencing or Fragment 

  • Please check the ABI Analyzer availability and schedule your run.
  • Please drop your plate (wrapped with foil) in the sequencing refrigerator and leave your Sample Plate Form on my desk.