ABI Sequencing Sample Submission Guidelines

Sample Submission Guidelines

Please submit a completed ABI Sequencing Sample Form with your samples.

Sample Requirements





200 ng/ul

12 ul minimum

PCR products

5 ng/ul per 100 bp

12 ul minimum


5 uM

  • Please provide enough template for repeats in case of technical failure.
  • Please provide 3 uL of primer at a concentration of 5 uM (pmol/uL) for each reaction requested.
  • We will provide standard vector sequencing primers without extra charge.  Available primers:  M13 Forward, M13 Reverse, T7, T3, Sp6, T7 terminator, TriplEx.
  • The templates and primers are stored in the -20oC freezer for up to 3 months from the time of submission. à Customers can pick-up the leftover templates and primers after the completion of sequencing reactions.

Sample Drop Off

  • Sequencing reactions are expected to start around 9:00 am Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Please drop your samples in the sequencing refrigerator and leave your completed Sample Form on the director’s desk.

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Sample Submission Guidelines